A Year and a Half in Review

Quick year and a half review

May 07 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greensburg,_Kansas
Never thought my home town would have a wiki page.

July 07 – Kerry came and visited while attending a class in Denver – we played sand volleyball in Boulder, CO together.
Kerry's visit in Jul 07

Aug 07 – Boulder (our cat) caught a mouse in the house. The picture says it all – she was super sweet with it.
Boulder Mouse kiss

Sept 07 – Helped my Mom and Dad with prep work for moving into their temporary place. This is the last time I’ve been back to Greensburg – need to figure out if I can go to the class reunion in May 2009.

Oct 07 – visited Dave’s family in Montreal.

Jan 08 – visited Las Vegas and Death Valley – Death Valley in the winter is amazing.
Dave and Cassie in Death Valley

Feb 08 – Dave called and said he booked me a plane ticket to Paris, and we departed the next week. I hope to go back someday in the spring/summer to see the flowers.
in Paris

May 08 – My Girl Scout Troop went to Magic Sky for their first “real” camping experience. The day after we got back they bridged to Juniors.
Magic Sky

Mar 08 – played in the CG Volleyball Tournament and caught up with a bunch of friends in CT. Will schedule more time if I’m invited back this coming year because I missed seeing a lot of folks that I would’ve like to have caught up with.

Summer/Fall 08 – played in 3 different grass tournaments with 3 of the women volleyball players I’ve met here in Boulder. My partner and I broke pool play at Steamboat.

Aug 08 – had a houseful with Dave’s family (6 relatives) and then my parents’ joined the crowd at the end of the visit.
Janssen's walk around Long Lake at Brainard Lake
Kabal family

Sept 08 – Dave became a US Citizen!

Fall/Winter 08 – playing with the “Flintstones” again this fall and winter season as well as a co-ed team. They are my hard court volleyball teams – we are playing D1 and holding our own. I have the opportunity to run the offense for the team as part of the 6-2. It is a lot of fun to set at a competitive level, and I’m starting to get asked to sub as a setter which is pretty cool.

Nov 08 – I went to see my cousin Andrew’s band competition. It was one of the last performances of his senior year.

Dec 08 – went to see The Fray at Vail Snow Daze. 3 inches of snow fell during the concert.
The Fray concert

Jan 09 – saw a Jonathan Coulton concert at the Soiled Dove in Denver. re: Your Brains is a great song and because I work with a bunch of engineers Code Monkey has a warm place in my heart as well. Great concert!

Jan 09 also included a wildfire in our district that missed our house literally by a mile. The way folks pulled together and helped out to keep the damage to an absolute minimum was amazing considering that the winds were pushing the fire at 50-80 mph. Both Dave and I were on call, so the cats spent the evening in their carrier and we had a friend who would take them out if our housing area was evacuated since we could not come pick them up.

My mom and I have taken one 4 day cooking class and one 1 day cooking class together with Chef Cheyne Keith. He is amazing and we have had a wonderful time learning about small sauces and how to use our food processor.

Dave and I have become Rally Cross fans – he is getting quite good considering the car we drive.

Dave became First Responder certified so he is now qualified to respond to medical calls in our fire district.

I have been very blessed to share the last 7 years with Dave, and he has shown time and time again his love and support for me, our families and the community.

This is my attempt to catch-up anyone who actually comes to my blog on the last year and a half. I will try to do a better job of keeping it up to date. Hope to hear from folks who do visit my blog soon – I now have a facebook page.

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