Rocky Mountain National Park with Dave’s folks

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park with Dave’s parents.  On the way we took the scenic route and went by the Catholic Church that I have always just been in awe of.  It is one of the few buildings that "blends" yet at the same time you are in awe of it.


We once again had to see how high we could go (Dave’s parents had been in Colorado less than 24 hours), and we drove up to the continental divide which is around 14,000 feet.  It was quite cold and windy up there, but we hiked up a trail anyway.  The tundra around the trail was just amazing.


When we came back down we went searching for elk.  There are signs posted around the park saying that there is elk viewing from 5 p.m. to sunset.  We were joking on our drive down that the elk should be getting staged by the time we got down for the 5 p.m. show.  After you watch them you really feel like they know that they have a 5 p.m. showSmile  This was the first one we saw, and he was the biggest we had ever seen size wise in our limited elk encounters.  He was calling to his herd who soon joined him from an area uphill from him.


We watched a lot of elk that day.  On our way out of town we had a special treat – a bachelor herd.  Dave’s father had mentioned that he thought elk probably had them, and we were able to see one first hand.  There were a few male deer hanging out with these elk, and I found the size difference amazing.  This photo has an elk in the front and in top left a good size male deer grazing.  These photos were taken in residents’ yards in Estes Park…I cannot imagine having this going on outside our front window but I would love it if it ever did happen.




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