Rocky Mountain National Park

We had a "random" trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Dave bought a new camera which I’m sure you can see his review of on his blog page.  We went for a hike at Heil Ranch and he took a bunch of pictures there, then we decided at 3 p.m. that we would go to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We arrived a little bit before sunset and headed up as high as we could go.  We took this photo with his new camera when we were at the highest point they would allow us. 


We also found A LOT of elk.  One was so close to the car that Dave was wondering what our insurance company would think if an elk decided to attack our car.  Our first reaction was the roll up the windows to protect ourselves, but then we realized we couldn’t take pictures of the elk if we had the windows up.  This picture is blurry, but I think you can really see how close he came to our vehicle.  In the bottom left is the front corner of our car.


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